Day Program

Our Day Program is currently at full capacity, but we are maintaining a waitlist of interested members.  Because of the pandemic, we are not offering tours at this time of our facility.  We have no timeframe as to when we will have availability. If you would like to be considered for the waitlist please review our Covid Reopening Plan alongside the WV State Mandated Reopening Plan, review our Covid restrictions and complete our Day Program Application with the help from your IDD Waiver Case Manager.  You or your CM can scan and email it to, fax it to 888.819.5534 or mail it directly to us at the address listed in the CONTACT US section.

Important Documents

We offer a beautiful Day Program facility in Milton, WV! Our innovative Day Program provides Facility Based Day Habilitation IDD Waiver services that are designed with not only our members’ needs in mind but also equally important we focus on their interests. We offer engaging activities in our facility and in the community to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities reach their goals as outlined in their ISP (Individualized Service Plan). Individuals enjoy services that complement their daily activities, including meaningful and productive activities that are guided by the person’s strengths, needs, wishes, desires, and goals, along with opportunities to be included in their local community.

Day Habilitation

Individuals in our center based, day program receive specialized coaching and work on areas such as:

  • Personal Safety
  • Functional Academics
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Positive Behavioral Supports
  • Communication Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Mobility Training
  • Sensory Development
  • Vocational Skills

Day program staff take a hands-on approach by incorporating structured learning and fun to help individuals reach their personal goals.  Day program staff get to know each person and help them achieve their goals, at their pace, in their ISP.  We also offer participants the opportunity to participate in meaningful activities in the community.

Vocational Habilitation

Vocational Habilitation services afford individuals the opportunity to spend their days gaining vocational skills and earning a real paycheck. Here at UP, we believe that everyone deserves to be paid for meaningful services they provide to give back to the community! Our members can work at their own pace and with the proper support of staff , they will be able to reach their ISP goals of gainful employment.

Combination Services

Choice is a beautiful thing! Our members can choose a mix of both supports to meet their individual needs. Our goal is to increase quality of life wile helping support the person live and navigate their community as independently as possible! With UP by your side, the possibilities are unlimited!

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