We have the best DSPs! We are celebrating our 90-Day Work Incentive earners today! They each earned a $500 bonus just by working all of their scheduled shifts in July, August and September!!! We are so grateful for our dedicated Direct Support Professionals!
Allison Davis
Amber Clagg
Amy Miller
Anthony Hensley
Bev Watson
Bill Taylor
Courtney Kauffer
Debbie Plymale
Erica Glover
Ernie Stonebreaker
Greg Smith
James Keigley
Jan Forloine
Jessica Elkins
Johnny Herman
Justin Perry
Keith Morrison
Kelly Sowards
Laura Clagg
Lora Beckner
Mark Saunders
Rebecca Maynard
Robin Turley
Rodney Jordan
Ron Brock
Sarah Winters
Shalina Lovejoy
Shawn Gue
Stephanie Buzzard
Toni Frieszel